There are many people out there who can help you figure out

social media for your business. Our advantage is that we work

hard. Very hard. And we deliver top quality.


We believe in these ideas so much that we wrote them on sticky notes when we first heard them and then stuck them around our office as daily reminders. 


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"Croll Social has thus far exceeded our expectations by a mile"

Larry Dell, Founder, eknow

"Chris was a great hire and I look forward to hiring Croll Social in the near future."

Leann Taylor, Senior Vice President, Warner Music

"Chris is not only smart but she's fun to work with!"

Karla Chisholm, Artist

"Chris made a significant contribution to our business in a very short period of time"

Roy Dunbar, CEO Network Solutions


Why do we work so hard?


Because...not to get all mushy on you so early in our relationship but...we sincerely love helping our clients. If we are not adding value, we peace out.

social media briefs

The purpose of these briefs is to give you an idea of how we approach some of the areas of our business.  Full disclosure - the briefs are free because we are hoping that after you read them, you will be so impressed that you will hire us without delay! But even if you don't hire us, we are still happy to share what we know.  It's good karma.